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Arbeia Society 28th Annual Conference 2019


10.20 - 16.45

Saturday 16th November

Customs House, South Shields


Roman Roads and Communications in Northern England


Recent years have seen a revival of interest in the Roman roads of Britain, partly resulting from the analysis of airborne LIDAR data and the wider use of geophysical prospection. There is now a very active group which is promoting much of this research and disseminating its results (the Roman Roads Research Association). This year’s Arbeia Society Conference will include contributions from some of its members: Mike Bishop (author of The Secret History of the Roman Roads of Britain), Mike Haken (Chairman, RRRA) and John Poulter (author of several studies on the surveying of Roman roads). Speakers will be tackling not only the question of where the roads went but will also be looking at their historical significance, and Nick Hodgson will discuss the pre-Hadrianic system in north-east England. There will also be a number of shorter contributions.


Following last year’s introductory talk on the WallCAP community archaeology project, this year’s conference will ALSO include an update on progress.


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